What mass media has taught us about the influence of TV.

For many years advertisers have been paying huge amounts of money to mass media companies for not minutes but seconds of an audience’s attention.   These companies with huge marketing budgets have greatly influenced the thoughts and behaviors of consumers with wonderful, emotionally charged visual ads on TV.   We all have our favorite commercials, slogans, and taglines, most of these imprinted in our easily impressionable minds. “A coke and a smile”, “The King of Beers”, “The Ultimate driving experience” “Where’s the Beef” ,Ok that one dated myself. These slogans delivered after watching emotionally charged visual content with Clydesdale horses, funny old ladies or exciting fast-moving cars can make quite an impression on consumers. Impressions that advertisers will pay millions of dollars per second for these commercials and run these ads repeatedly over an extended period.

Visual impression marketing is real, and it works. We can learn in its simplest form that consistent slogans, colors, and emotions produced over time can influence or program an audience.   With today’s technologies and partners like #Revilocity, even small businesses and retail owners can take advantage of visual programming. Not that you need a budget for an awesome video commercial but the fact that consistent visual messages over time can indeed influence persuade and even program an audience into thinking and feeling a certain way about a brand.   When a business owner combines visual TV program touches from #Revilocity with social media posts, email marketing and other forms of communications, you can for certain create an emotional connection with your audience and influence the way they think and feel about your brand. This is a great strategy to gain more loyal customers, never underestimate top of mind brand awareness. You can now take ownership and have more control over those feelings with modern technology.   Whether to inform, influence or simply communicate in a new way with your audience, #Revilocity is here to help.


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