Choosing the Right Screen Size

Choosing the size of your display is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your digital signage deployment.

We currently recommend three different screen sizes at the moment. The proper size will depend largely upon the farthest possible viewing distance that you want the sign to be readable from. In small rooms and reception areas, a 40″ display may very well suffice. However, if you are placing your signage in a large, open room, the same size will deliver less than acceptable results. Here are our recommendations for each of the display sizes we currently offer.

40″ Display – Viewable up to 10 feet away
43″ Display – Viewable up to 12 feet away
49″ Display – Viewable up to 14 feet away

Keep in mind that the overall formatting of your content should also be taken into consideration. If your content consists largely of images and text with large fonts, the above recommendations should be fine. However, if your content includes lots of smaller text, price lists or detailed descriptions you should probably opt for a display at least 3-6 inches larger than shown on the list above.

It’s a fair statement to make that bigger is usually better when it comes to choosing the size of your digital signage display. There are hardly ever any circumstances when choosing a larger display will do any harm. Choosing too small of a display can be a serious impairment to getting your message seen though. Choosing a larger display almost always pays off in the long run. The small difference in up-front cost is easily offset by the increased effectiveness of your signage campaign.


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