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When you can "build" Raving Fans!

Done for you - customer facing, Branded HDTV and more...

Amplified  Communications! 

Starting AT less than $2 per day

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Do you own or run one of these Business Types:







... All Waiting Rooms and any type of Business where your Customers Sit Down in your Establishment?
Then you Must Learn More about the "Revilocity Fan System"

Do you see the Problem with this?

Ever wonder Why establishments have TVs that are Playing their Competitors Ads on them?
Hmmm...? We can't hear the words anyway!



A better option...Your brands story in HDTV

Instead of divisive news, sports reruns or TV can't hear, take advantage of retail space and HDTV displays to build your business.  With #REVILOCITY streaming HDTV broadcasting, you can increase brand awareness, connection and participation.   Its time customers and employees see your brand's story in color, we can help!

Amplify audience communications with informative, social, & engaging content with #Revilocity HDTV broadcasting services.   See programming options below.

The Revilocity Promise!

Revilocity "HDTV"...
Can help turn your Casual Customers into Raving Fans +
Get More Referrals & More Positive Reviews (in 90 Days or Less),
while Spending Less Time and Money on Print, Radio, TV or other Digital Methods!


Let us show you how we can help GROW your Business for a Fraction of the Cost of other Media!

Hear what a Few of Our FANS Say about Revilocity!

Made perfect sense to us. We had TVs at the Sushi Bar but nothing worth showing. We figured it was a Better Use of Space. Wow were we Surprised with the Results. We are going to be moving to the Advanced Package soon. Plus some of the tips that Jason and his team gave us were so simple and easy to implement. I am really not sure why we did not know some of this before. Plus we are opening a New Location in the next 2 Months. And yes we will have Revilocity HDTV there!

Angu S.

Angry Sushi

We were doing Ok. But we noticed that we had less and less repeats. So we were spending, advertising trying to get new customers. It was really expensive for us. But we knew everybody loved the place and raved about it.  We were actually thinking about closing. 3 Months after starting the Revilocity Fan System, We are Kicking A#@!  We may take the Space next door if it keeps growing.

Jack U.

Coffee House Cafe

Our Place is a Small kind of quiet place. Super Specialty type of business. We really did not want to do Print, no way could we afford TV or Radio. And we know Beer Lovers travel in groups. Birds of a Feather... Right? So we started the Advanced Package and it literally seemed like everyday we got Busier! We use the Boards for Promotions, Events, Gamification and we started a BRING A FRIEND, BUY'EM a BEER Contest. Best thing we have ever done... Period. 

Earl B.

The Fifth Hammer Brewing

The Power of Visual Communications

We process visuals 60,000
times faster than text.  Is that why some TV advertisers will pay millions of $ per second?


Step 1

Our Creative Director will work with you to get the right programming for your custom signage. Helping you achieve your visual communication goals. We'll highlight your business perfectly!

Step 2

We ship you an HDMI media player that we manage.  You plug the player into your TV or Display. All you have to do is power on the TV and the media device.  The program runs  in auto-mode and is safe and secure. Easy!

Step 3

The customized visual TV stream will run on a schedule that we fully manage and update.  We support and manage all hardware and software.  Program changes are included monthly.

#Revilocity Programming Options


 Relationship Programming

Mission statement
Values Statement
What you do better
Causes you support
Motivational Quotes
Team Photos
Product Photos
Company Video
Customer Spotlights


 Participation Programming

*Photo Contests
*Hashtag Contests
Event Calendars
*Birthday Wishes
*Text to win contests

*SMS or SMM platform required.

Social Media!

 Social Media Programming

Live YELP reviews
Live Instagram Feeds
Live Facebook Feed
Live Twitter Feed
Follow US Instagram
Follow US Facebook
Follow US Twitter   


​​​ Informational


Live Weather
Live ESPN Feed
Real time RSS
Techcrunch news


Brand Connection

Use #Revilocity to explain why your brand is the best option for your customers and employees. Why you're in business and why they should support you. 

Brand Promotions

Use #Revilocity to communicate special offers, events and other exciting offers with customers.                                                                     

Brand Participation

Surveys, Hashtag competitions, Giveaways, Contests, Reviews, Social sharing, Facebook Groups. These all get customers and employees helping your brand grow.   Inform and promote with visual programming from #Revilocity

Brand Referrals

Help your audience know your story so they can share it.  You can't share a story you don't know.  You can't advocate a business you don't connect with at a deeper level.  

Brand Communities

Use #Revilocity to promote and increase engagement on social communities such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.  Encourage feedback and reviews online or offline.  

Brand Loyalty

Build lasting customer experiences and relationships based on emotional connection with visual programming services from #Revilocity                                                                                                          

Get Social

We mix all these boards into streaming TV !

Socialize your walls with streaming programs using #Revilocity! We can use any social # hashtag  to make your walls hip, vibrant and loaded with social fun. Even if your business doesn't currently have social media.  71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. Use #Revilocity social programming to help your brand image and grow your social brand influence.

Our creative director will align all live social media content with the overall brand image and goals. We will use our experience and programming services to drive brand awareness,  appreciation  and participation for as little as $5 per day.

Revilocity -RevBoards



Revilocity - RevBoards



Why Revilocity HDTV?

Because every brand has a wonderful story made for HDTV 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get services up and running?

Within 2 weeks from order you’ll have streaming TV programming. As long as we can schedule an onboard call during week 1.

Do I need a TV display and mount?

Yes and No! You will need a display and floor, wall or ceiling mount for the largers displays. We have options for purchase here (Link to the website) OR We can add the programming to computer monitors you place on a desk or counter. Monitors are not TV’s but they still work just fine in waiting areas and checkout lines etc. Reference our blog on ideal screen sizes based on distance from viewer.

Can I set up multiple schedules for programming?

Yes! We can run programming designed for morning audiences and different programming geared for evening audiences etc. if you desire.

Are there any cancellations penalties?

No! These services are month to month with no commitment. If you choose the annual package discount, you’ll get a discount monthly and pay early termination fees according to the terms and conditions section of the website should you choose to cancel.

Do I need to have online social media setup for this to work?

NO! We can create social media accounts for your business or we can promote other business services and goals with our visual programming.

What is Facebook, Website or Youtube programming?

We’ll create an online version of the programming in a recorded video option optimized to be embedded in one of the platforms above. You’ll have a license to add the video to your accounts.

Can Revilocity help with Review, SMS and other participation platforms?

Yes! We offer our own SMS platform you can use. We have affiliate partners that will help with online reviews, social media marketing and other services to drive revenues. Its important to use #Revilocity programming to promote participation platforms.

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